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Difference Between Clones & Seeds-Here Is What You Must Know:

There are many important variables to consider when you choose marijuana clones and seeds. Both are the best options to choose from, but it depends what your priorities are. Each option has its own set of advantages and unique properties. But you must choose both options according to your needs.

Here is the basic information you must know about clones and seeds, and understand the difference between them and make a choice! Read on!


Clones are cuttings from mature marijuana plants that grow into new identical plants. Since clones are exactly the same as their parent plan, they get all the main features and characteristics of their parent plant. It means, if the parent plant had therapeutic properties, then the cloned plant would also have therapeutic properties.

However, for this, clones should come from healthy plants and quality seeds. Here are the advantages of using clones;

Advantages Of Using Clones:

  1. The biggest advantage of clones is that they come with the exact copy of their parent plants. So, if you know that the patent plants are packed with amazing and incredible properties, then you can expect the same properties from the clones. This option is great if you are looking for uniform results from a crop. It is also ideal if you want to grow something specific.

  2. With cloned plants, you can be guaranteed to get the female plant. Clones are exactly the same as their parent plants, so if the patent plant was female, then you would definitely get the female plants.


Seeds are the most natural route to grow marijuana plants. Seeds are produced by the process of pollination. When pollen from male marijuana plants reaches a female plant- her flowers include seeds.

Seeds are natural ways of encouraging generic diversity- each seed represents a cross between a male and female cannabis plant in spite of a single plant. Here are the advantages of using seeds;

Advantages Of Using Seeds:

  1. Marijuana plants grown from seeds can provide the plant with more support as it grows. Moreover, seeds are naturally resistant to pests and diseases, which means when plants grow from the seeds, they do not come with any inherited problems.

  2. Seeds can be stored for a longer period of time.

Moving on, there are many more benefits of clones and seeds; you just need to choose the one that is suitable according to your needs and requirements.

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